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1 8 2020 3 19 28 pm

Littlefrog Farm Orchids

United States
Although I've been selling and showing orchids since near the very beginning, the business did not become formal until approximately 2003. At this point we lived in a more rural area, and I took pity on another commercial grower who was trying to go out of business. I took the greenhouse and mo... Read More

New Vision Orchids

United States
1 8 2020 3 26 50 pm

Oakwood Orchids

Dayton, Ohio
Jim France began in 1993, when after viewing a customers collection, finally bought a cymbidium. As he tells many a beginner, everyone kills at least one … and so it was promptly drowned. As it happened an orchid show was the following week, and the passion began. He began by being part of a... Read More

Orchid Outlet

United States
1 8 2020 3 31 57 pm

RMP Orchids

Akron, Ohio
RMP Orchids is an established online Orchid Nursery (located in Northeast Ohio) who ships year round to your doorstep. We do not have standard retail hours at this time but are more then welcome to contact us to make an appointment for pick up. Thank you! Read More
12 23 2019 9 26 56 pm

Ten Shin Gardens

Yuanli Township, Taiwan
Ten Shin Gardens, a registered orchid nursery based in Taiwan specialises in species in Aerangis, Bulbophyllum, Chinese Cymbidium, Cattleya, Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis, and etc. They also offer high quality Cynodes hybrids and exotic intergenetic hybrids. They strive to provide best quality plants ... Read More
1 8 2020 3 38 03 pm
1 8 2020 3 35 40 pm