Ons. Wildcat in Cultivation by Members

Found 20 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Bruno PH Ons. Wildcat 'Garfield'
Colin Campbell Ons. Wildcat 'Nahani' Bark and perlite mix. Northeastern facing verandah. Limited exposure to morning sun to prevent leaf scald.
Dean Sampson Ons. Wildcat
Diana Sammy Colm. Wildcat 'Red Star'
Diana Sammy Colm. Wildcat 'Yellow Cat'
G√ľnther Eilers Ons. Wildcat
Jeanne Uzar Hudson Colm. Wildcat
Mark Bennett Ons. Wildcat 'Bobcat'
Mary Lane Ons. Wildcat var. Golden Red Star Likes Cool temperatures; water before it dries out ; shaded bright eastern exposure. Oncidium Alliance
michael j cook jr Ons. Wildcat
Michael Overton Ons. Wildcat 'Golden Red Star'
Michael Overton Ons. Wildcat 'Rainbow'
Mike Patrick Colm. Wildcat 'Yellow Butterfly'
Robert H. Findlay Colm. Wildcat 'Rainbow'
Robert H. Findlay Ons. Wildcat 'Yellow King'
Sharie Heckaman Ons. Wildcat 'Rainbow' Purchased 4/16/16 west facing window with supplemental light. Photo from 5/6/2016. Always pushes spikes from BOTH sides of the pseudo bulb!
Vickie Seibert Ons. Wildcat 'Green Valley' spagnum moss
William Gorski Ons. Wildcat '13' course orchid mix, partial sun screened lanai
William Gorski Ons. Wildcat 'Green Valley D' part sun coarse mix
Wyatt Parker Ons. Wildcat 'Rainbow' Potted, mixed media