Members with Most Plants
  1. Cym tracyanum %281355%293 Barry Zimmerman of Milpitas, California with 258 plants.
  2. 062 denunicum Tom Kuligowski of Pompano Beach, Florida with 106 plants.
  3. Phillip Ting of San Jose, CA with 94 plants.
  4. Judy Wagner of Vero Beach, Florida with 82 plants.
  5. Xavier Hung of Davis, CA with 54 plants.
  6. 20141207 154203 Diana Sammy of Siparia, Trinidad and Tobago with 41 plants.
  7. Sharyn Kann of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia with 23 plants.
  8. Image Gary van Moerkerken of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa with 23 plants.
  9. William Gorski of Marco Island, Florida with 21 plants.
  10. Image Carol Holdren of Boynton Beach, Florida with 19 plants.
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A7617369 908b 40a4 b8c3 804af61c043d Ctpsta. Leona 'Popper' plant grown by Carol Holdren in Boynton Beach, Florida.
Img 0719 Img 0692 Img 0671 Img 0668 Img 1603 Img 0301 Img 0010 Img 0032 Cymbidium phar lap Img 0523 Paph. armeniacum 165 Cym. melody fair 105
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  3. Bio Alex Maximiano commented on member plant Phal. Tying Shin Fly Eagle by Phillip Ting
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