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C. Memoria Robert Strait plant grown by Steven Underwood in Hemet, CA.

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Have Local Orchids to Sell or Trade?

Author is Sys Admin, posted 22 days ago Recently the Denver Orchid Society (DOS) had to cancel its March show due to Covid-19.  Like other societies, the DOS was stuck with many orchid plants for sale which it is now trying to sell to lo... Read More

Water: The Most Important Nutrient

Author is Roy Tokunaga, posted 22 days ago We take water for granted.  It falls out of the sky.  It flows from the faucet.  Oahu city water is considered good for growing Orchids.   We use it without thought or concern. If you study orch... Read More

*** COVID-19 *** (IOF) and OrchidWiz Partnership Announcement

Author is Alex Maximiano, posted 26 days ago The non-profit International Orchid Foundation (IOF) and OrchidWiz are partnering to help orchid nurseries during the health crisis.  We are happy to announce that all OrchidWiz current customers w... Read More

Plant Vendor: How to List an Orchid for Sale (FREE)

Author is Yahoo Alex, posted about 1 month ago The non-profit International Orchid Foundation (IOF) and OrchidWiz are joining hands to help orchid nurseries stay afloat during the current health crisis.  Together we have developed a new online ... Read More

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Reconnecting your OrchidWiz Journal

Author is Marianna Hynson, posted 17 days ago   1) Search your computer for OrchidWiz Journal folder (by default this will be in your systems Document Folder).      2) In OrchidWiz, along the top toolbar, click Tools and then c... Read More

Catasetum lendarium nv. sp 2020

Posted by Ariel Blind 3 months ago New orchid from Amazonian Read More

Catasandra "Flor D Iara"

Author is Ariel Blind to Orquidario Eldorado AM - Brasil, posted 3 months ago New hibrid Galeandra devoniana (mather) x Ctsm tigrinum a intergeneric cross Read More

PET style method of Catasetum potting- UPDATED

Author is Stephen Van Kampen-Lewis, posted 5 months ago I made another PET video and hopefully this one is more streamlined than the last one! Enjoy!   Read More

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