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  1. Cym tracyanum %281355%293 Barry Zimmerman of Milpitas, California with 258 plants.
  2. 062 denunicum Tom Kuligowski of Pompano Beach, Florida with 106 plants.
  3. Phillip Ting of San Jose, CA with 94 plants.
  4. Judy Wagner of Vero Beach, Florida with 82 plants.
  5. Xavier Hung of Davis, CA with 54 plants.
  6. George Dimos of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia with 48 plants.
  7. 36474725 10209467301960032 7781409249090863104 n Phạm Thanh Hải of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam with 46 plants.
  8. Lee Ailshie of SC with 44 plants.
  9. 20141207 154203 Diana Sammy of Siparia, Trinidad and Tobago with 41 plants.
  10. Img 20180409 125831 Andry Harmony of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia with 27 plants.
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6240ed62 db05 4b2d a3a2 209cc795c697 Rhy. gigantea var. rattana plant grown by Andry Harmony in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.
Img 4822 Papuan embers 1 Papuan delight 1 Hot and grumpy F b d 'red lip' 2 20180729 084640 20180728 102942 C. purple cascade 'fragrance beauty' 1 Pcv. golden peacock 1 Bc. interdosa 1 B. crazyarachno 3 Den. white grace 'sato' 1
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