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  1. Friday, September 4 (lasts 2 days) - Asociacion Jueces de Orquideas de Costa Rica "Exposición Nacional de Orquideas AJOCORI 2020", San José (0 members going)

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11 29 2018 9 36 27 am

19th European Orchid Council Conference and Exhibition, Denmark

Starting Thursday, May 6, 2021 (lasts 4 days) Event by Danish Orchid Society / Dansk Orchide Klub Read More

Welcome new members: Ian Spellacy, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom | Taylor Savage, Gainesville, FL | gil thomson, maroochy river, queensland, Australia | Mark Goff, Wingate, County Durham, United Kingdom | Michael D, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | Antoaneta Balabanova, United States | Daniel Mumau, LAS VEGAS, Nevada | Georgia Tetrault, Caldwell, Texas | Ariel Blind, Manaus , Amazonas, Brazil |

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6df7b46e 1ed1 4e1e a9f9 d4f154c795f9 Rlc. Haw Yuan Beauty var. Kong plant grown by Mary Lane in Naples, Florida.

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Foto ctsm lendarium em cultivo

Catasetum lendarium nv. sp 2020

Posted by Ariel Blind 3 days ago New orchid from Amazonian Read More
20200120 184831

Catasandra "Flor D Iara"

Posted by Ariel Blind 3 days ago New hibrid Galeandra devoniana (mather) x Ctsm tigrinum a intergeneric cross Read More
2 10 2020 12 58 22 pm

PET style method of Catasetum potting- UPDATED

Posted by Sys Admin about 2 months ago I made another PET video and hopefully this one is more streamlined than the last one! Enjoy! https://youtu.be/HjddGQ9xo3o   Read More

Orchids and Freaky Weather

Posted by Sys Admin 3 months ago As predicted by scientists, freaky weather conditions have become more frequent. Last year, we had very heavy and continuous rains. So much so that even the orchids were struggling. The pests were ... Read More
Temperature couleurs

Temperature Stress In Orchids

Posted by Sys Admin 3 months ago Orchids can be found growing all over the world, with a few exceptions of course. They grow in temperate as well as tropical regions. Depending upon their natural home, every orchid is adapted to t... Read More
Egg rmh

Egg Shells for Orchids

Posted by Alex Maximiano 3 months ago Have you tried eggshells as fertilizer for your orchids? it is common knowledge that eggshells, when crushed and added to rose plants, can induce bigger flowers. However, recently I found out that ... Read More
1280px coconut husk chips by coco dreams

Making CocoPeat From Coconut Husk

Posted by Alex Maximiano 3 months ago It seems extreme weather is here to stay. Last year we have an extended monsoon and now the winter seems to be going on and on. We will have to think ways to deal with such weather conditions. Plan... Read More
3 1 2019 6 07 02 pm

OrchidWiz: Offspring of Brassavola nodosa

Posted by Alex Maximiano about 1 year ago To view the first-generation offspring of Brassavola nodosa in OrchidWiz, follow these steps: From the Start screen, enter partial text "nodosa" and click "Search Orchid".   A new tab ... Read More
3 1 2019 5 19 04 pm

OrchidWiz: Most Awarded Primary Hybrids of Genus Cymbidium

Posted by Alex Maximiano about 1 year ago To find out the most awarded cymbidium primary hybrids in OrchidWiz, do the following steps: From the Start screen, select "ALL Genera".   A new tab called "Genera" appears.  In this s... Read More
3 1 2019 1 46 11 pm

OrchidWiz: Which Country has the Most Orchid Species?

Posted by Alex Maximiano about 1 year ago With OrchidWiz, you can find what countries have the greatest number of naturally occurring orchid species.  To do this, from the Start screen, click the button "Areas": As you can see from th... Read More

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  1. 2016 11 03 Jeanne M Uzar of Citrus Heights, California with 736 plants.
  2. Cym tracyanum %281355%293 Barry Zimmerman of Milpitas, California with 258 plants.
  3. 92f7c225 2490 4d3b 822c 2f4b8f30d6b8 Mary Lane of Naples, Florida with 117 plants.
  4. David Anderson of Saint Louis, Missouri with 112 plants.
  5. Stefan Neher of Arlington, Virginia with 111 plants.
  6. 062 denunicum Tom Kuligowski of Pompano Beach, Florida with 106 plants.
  7. Phillip Ting of San Jose, CA with 96 plants.
  8. Chase Hubbard of Asheville, NC with 85 plants.
  9. Judy Wagner of Vero Beach, Florida with 82 plants.
  10. Paph hsinying jewel x paph hsying jewel september 09 2018 Adrienne Alexander of Cape Elizabeth, ME with 65 plants.
  11. Img 20200125 225336 Alessandra Longoni of Milano, Lombardia, Italy with 58 plants.
  12. Amphion aspis %28fuliginosa x bowmanii%29 1 George Dimos of Vermont south 3133, Victoria, Australia with 57 plants.
  13. Terry Moore of Champaign, IL with 57 plants.
  14. Nicholas Goode of Brooklyn, NY with 54 plants.
  15. Xavier Hung of Davis, CA with 54 plants.
  16. Iggy9 Sharie Heckaman of Nappanee, IN with 50 plants.
  17. William Gorski of Marco Island, Florida with 49 plants.
  18. 36474725 10209467301960032 7781409249090863104 n Phạm Thanh Hải of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam with 49 plants.
  19. John Marmaro of SPRING HILL, FL with 47 plants.
  20. 2c91367f 187d 45dd a008 e7128a3b9468 Frances LaVigne of Naples, FL with 45 plants.