Angcm. didieri in Cultivation by Members

Found 15 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Ashley Simon Angcm. didieri Purchased in summer 2018. Bloomed last in April 2020. Potted in Leca. Self watering in summer.
Ben MG Angcm. didieri
Bryan Roush Angcm. didieri
Dex W Angcm. didieri Purchased Feb 2020
G. K. Angcm. didieri
G√ľnther Eilers Angcm. didieri
Jeanne Uzar Hudson Angcm. didieri
Jeanne Uzar Hudson Angcm. didieri
Kevin E Griffin Angcm. didieri
Laura Urban Angcm. didieri Didier's Angraecum. Miniature to small-sized Found in Madagascar, where it grows epiphytic on trees in humid evergreen forests at an altitude of 600 to 1500 meters above sea level. The flowers are ... Read more BLOOM TIME: April - June. LIGHT: Loves bright sunlight and is able to tolerate the direct morning and evening sun. TEMPERATURE: Prefers a warm temperature regime, however, it can calmly adapt to ... Read more
Meg Sterner Angcm. didieri
Nestor Moreno Martinez Angcm. didieri
Nicholas Goode Angcm. didieri
Terry Moore Angcm. didieri
Tom Kuligowski Angcm. didieri mounted to cork slabs; watered every day and twice when temperatures are 90 or above; small plant that becomes clumpy; also potted in small 3" clay pots with fine charcoal and small clay pellets; w... Read more