Angcm. leonis in Cultivation by Members

Found 8 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Ben MG Angcm. leonis
Dex W Angcm. leonis var. Madagascar Purchased as seedling Sep 2021.
G. K. Angcm. leonis var. Madagascar
Mackenzie Kirchner Angcm. leonis Very thick green leaves, almost like a succulent leaf. Growth habit is in a fan shape. The flowers are white with a heavy night fragrance.
Nestor Moreno Martinez Angcm. leonis
Nicholas Goode Angcm. leonis
Tom Kuligowski Angcm. leonis var. Comoro Islands mounted to cork slab... watered everyday, 2x daily with temperatures above 85 degrees (29 degrees C)
Tom Kuligowski Angcm. leonis var. Madagascar various plants mounted to cedar, cork and clay pipe... also in small clay pot with red lava rock, charcoal and clay pellets... watered every other day... 50% spackled light