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Member Orchid Name Culture
Nicholas Goode Angcm. sesquipedale
Jeanne M Uzar Ang sesquipedale 021319 Angcm. sesquipedale
Taylor Boyle 20190714 143047 Angcm. sesquipedale 5.5" pot, clay pellets with microfiber towel, blooming size
Terry Moore Img 0181 Angcm. sesquipedale
John Appelbaum Angcm. sesquipedale NBS in bark , east window
Cody Sachtjen Angcm. sesquipedale I currently have it potted in a 4 in clear pot with med. size orchiata bark water as first inch or two dries , and fert. infrequently as its winter time, plant was a rescue though in good health f... Read more
Tom Kuligowski Ses03 Angcm. sesquipedale medium to large lava rock... watered every other day when temperatures above 70 degrees (21 degrees C)... every three to four days when temperature lower than 70 degrees