Epi. radicans in Cultivation by Members

Found 8 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Caren Rom Epi. radicans
Damian Hernandez Epi. radicans
James Bixler Epi. radicans
Lo Renzo Epi. radicans Isla Venado Garden o San Jose, Costa Rica
Nicholas Stein Epi. radicans var. Pink
Quinlan Cijntje Epi. radicans Medium: dirt, charcoal, bark and pebbles Water: 2× per week Fertilize: 1× per week
Roberto Lizama Epi. radicans Blvd. Austriaco, zona 16, Guatemala This is another of what I call "urban orchids" because it is still found on the slopes of the ravines surrounding Guatemala City. It grows abundantly in the undergrowth, with direct sun, temperate ... Read more
William Gorski Epi. radicans course orchid mix full sun on screened lanai