Gur. aurantiaca in Cultivation by Members

Found 7 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Günther Eilers C. aurantiaca
Günther Eilers Gur. aurantiaca 'Mishima Spots'
Jeanne M Uzar C. aurantiaca 'Citronella'
Jeanne M Uzar C. aurantiaca 'Kitty'
Roberto Lizama C. aurantiaca I bought this plant in the Central Market of Guatemala City. It is another of the orchids that I catalog as "urban orchids" since they are still observed in a natural state in the trees of the city... Read more
Robert Rand Gur. aurantiaca 'Orange Spots' Grown under LED 5,000k, 5,000 lumen lights. Grown in Orchiata medium bark with coconut husk, hydroton clay pebbles and sphagnum moss.
svetlana mills C. aurantiaca