Gur. bowringiana in Cultivation by Members

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Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Adam Almeida Gur. bowringiana var. coerulea Native to Guatemala and Belize, but commonly found in local orchid collections. This species is practically identical to Gur. skinneri, the big difference being when they bloom. Gur. bowringiana bl... Read more Grown in an undersized clay pot with mostly cinder as the media. This plant is grown in very bright filtered light and watered at least twice a week.
G. K. Gur. bowringiana
Günther Eilers Gur. bowringiana
Günther Eilers Gur. bowringiana var. coerulea 'Purple King'
Linda Shockley Gur. bowringiana
Michael Overton Gur. bowringiana var. cœrulea
Robert Rand Gur. bowringiana 'Blue Hawaii' Grown indoors under LED light, 5,000k, 6,000-8,000 lumens. Media is medium Orchiata bark with coconut husk chunks, hydroton clay popcorn and a little sphagnum moss. Humidity is maintained at 50-60%... Read more
Sharyn Kann C. bowringiana
Terry Moore Gur. bowringiana var. coerulea drier in winter and after bulbs are mature