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Member Orchid Name Culture
Richard Whyte Pot. Burana Beauty just in a pot in the backyard, but i kill a lot of plants, so don't do what i do
Tom Kuligowski 46 potinara burana beauty Pot. Burana Beauty potted in organic material; watered every three days; bright filtered light; treat every thirty days with a systemic fungicide (especially prior/after to severe cold and during heavy rainy) season
Chase Hubbard Rth. Burana Beauty var. Burana
Mary Lane 12bfa2ca 46be 407d bd99 8298edda6606 Rth. Burana Beauty var. Burana Potted in lava rock, watered once to twice a week in dry season, fertilized weekly, Fungicide monthly
Sharon Stretton Rth. Burana Beauty