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Member Orchid Name Culture
Richard Whyte Pot. Burana Beauty just in a pot in the backyard, but i kill a lot of plants, so don't do what i do
Tom Kuligowski 46 potinara burana beauty Pot. Burana Beauty potted in organic material; watered every three days; bright filtered light; treat every thirty days with a systemic fungicide (especially prior/after to severe cold and during heavy rainy) season
James Bixler Pot. Burana Beauty Kept outside, bright morning sun till around 11:30, then shade, water 3x per week summer, less as fall comes in. survived a mild frost Feb 2019
Sharon Stretton Rth. Burana Beauty
Mary Lane 12bfa2ca 46be 407d bd99 8298edda6606 Rth. Burana Beauty var. Burana Potted in lava rock, watered once to twice a week in dry season, fertilized weekly, Fungicide monthly
Chase Hubbard Rth. Burana Beauty var. Burana