Blc. Williette Wong in Cultivation by Members

Found 6 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Ben MG Rlc. Williette Wong 'the best'
G√ľnther Eilers Rlc. Williette Wong 'The Best' Bark #3
Jeanne M Uzar Blc. Williette Wong 'The Best'
Melvin Waki Rlc. Williette Wong 'The Best' A cattleya that should be in everyone's collection. Blooms with 2-3 flowers usually in June. Very frequent winner of best yellow cattleya trophy at Shows. Flowers present themselves well with so... Read more Grown in orchid bark mix under 50% shade cloth. Robust grower. Prone to black rot.
Molly Ramsey Bettridge Blc. Williette Wong var. The Best x BLC Oconee Mendenhall
Sharon Stretton Rlc. Williette Wong