Iana. Appleblossom in Cultivation by Members

Found 20 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Christiaan Viljoen Jkf. Appleblossom
Chung Jo Jkf. Appleblossom
Dennis Roscom Iana. Appleblossom var. Fantasy
Frances LaVigne Iana. Appleblossom
G. K. Jkf. Appleblossom 'Fantasy'
Günther Eilers Jkf. Appleblossom
Günther Eilers Jkf. Appleblossom 'Snow' Bark
Henry Shaw Jkf. Appleblossom
Jeanne Uzar Hudson Iana. Appleblossom 'Lemon Pie'
John Appelbaum Iana. Appleblossom Windowsill, Southeast exposure
John Small Iana. Appleblossom 'Fantasy' Bag baby from Lowes, purchased 9-2020. Moved into 5 inch net pot in mix of charcoal, fir bark and vermiculite. Should be in 3.5 or four inch, but smallest I had was a five incher. New growth and ne... Read more Five inch net pot, charcoal, vermiculite and fir bark. New growth and new roots. Grown outdoors in full sun until 2 p.m. under 50% shadecloth.
Kendra HOUGHTLING Jkf. Appleblossom var. NN yellow
Lois Lane Iana. Appleblossom 'Golden Beauty'
Quinlan Cijntje Iana. Appleblossom Medium: charcoal, leca and moss water: 3x per week fertilize: 1x per week
R .Benson Iana. Appleblossom SVO10159 Remake 2024
Sally K Jkf. Appleblossom
sarah lynne Jkf. Appleblossom 'Fantasy'
Sharyn Kann Jkf. Appleblossom 'Perfect Custard'
Tom Kuligowski Iana. Appleblossom
William Gorski Iana. Appleblossom 'NN' Bag Baby course orchid mix, partial sun om screened lanai