Den. aggregatum in Cultivation by Members

Found 30 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
A. Michalski Den. aggregatum Bark chip, soaking in water with frequency dependent on season or when bulbs begin to dehydrate. Partial sun with other dendrobiums in my collection.
Annette scardina Den. aggregatum
Brooke B Den. lindleyi New acquisition SOOS show 2024
Carol Holdren Den. lindleyi Grown on a piece of wood, in bright light. Formerly call Den aggregatum in 1973 changed to lindleyi. Widespread in India and Southeast Asia. Conditions are very wet for 5 month and then very dry ... Read more
David Anderson Den. lindleyi
David Anderson Den. lindleyi var. aggregatum
Gilda Gómez Den. aggregatum Morning SE sun, hanging in plastic basket beneath small tree, no media.
Günther Eilers Den. aggregatum
Günther Eilers Den. lindleyi
Jefferson Lenzi Den. lindleyi
Jessie Wellman-Doute Den. aggregatum var. Majus
John Appelbaum Den. aggregatum
Linda Anderson Den. aggregatum
Liz Falvo Den. aggregatum var. (lindleyi)
Manuel Aybar Den. aggregatum
Mark Stedman Den. lindleyi Mounted on a stick, two separate clusters of pseudobulbs.
Mark Stedman Den. lindleyi
Mary Lane Den. lindleyi Mounted on a cedar board; cool to 40, dry winter rest, December to March.
Mo Chen Den. lindleyi
Robert H. Findlay Den. lindleyi
Robert H. Findlay Den. lindleyi
Sally K Den. aggregatum
Sally K Den. lindleyi
sarah lynne Den. lindleyi
Sharon Stretton Den. lindleyi
Shawn Dvorak Den. lindleyi
Susan LE Den. lindleyi
Tom Kuligowski Den. aggregatum
Tom Kuligowski Den. aggregatum
Vanessa Monteiro Den. lindleyi