Bsn. Maikai in Cultivation by Members

Found 23 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Bethany Miller Bc. Maikai
Edson Franca Bsn. Maikai 'Mayumi'
Frances LaVigne Bc. Maikai
Getulio Paiva Bsn. Maikai
gladys pérez-almiroty Bc. Maikai
Henry Shaw Bc. Maikai ' Mayumi' In scoria
Jane Dumais Bsn. Maikai not sure yet
Jane Dumais Bsn. Maikai
Jardin GrisCar Bsn. Maikai
Linda Anderson Bsn. Maikai
Mary Lane Bsn. Maikai var. Lea
Quinlan Cijntje Bc. Maikai medium: coconut fiber, bark and leca water: 3x per week fertilize: 1x per week light: bright (sometimes direct)
R .Benson Bc. Maikai 'Mayumai'
Renee Jolley Bc. Maikai
Robert Rand Bsn. Maikai Grown indoors under LED light, 5,000k, 6,000-8,000 lumens. Media is medium Orchiata bark with coconut husk chunks, hydroton clay popcorn and a little sphagnum moss. Humidity is maintained at 50-60%... Read more
Sandi Block-Brezner Bsn. Maikai var. Louise Specimen size; blooming now (November 2020); basket; full morning sun
Sara D Bc. Maikai var. Louise Gorgeous purple and white blooms with amazing fragrance Purchased in bloom February 2021. Repotted after blooming in hydroton, Miracle Grow mix, sphagnum moss. Moved outdoors, rainwater plus supplemental tap water, as needed (at least weekly). Bright li... Read more
Tanya Lam Bsn. Maikai 'Mayumi'
Terence Kew Bc. Maikai
Teresa O’Neil Bsn. Maikai 'Loiuse' Clay pot in catleya mix with extra hydroton.
Tom Kuligowski Bsn. Maikai
Vanessa Monteiro Bc. Maikai 'Mayumi'
William Gorski Bc. Maikai Orchiata bark in wood basket on full sun on a screened lanai