Den. aphyllum in Cultivation by Members

Found 14 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Alison Brown Den. pierardii var. Was given to me by a collector as Adrasta pierardii.
Andrew Chan Den. aphyllum A very easy growing Nobile section dendrobium. Warm and wet growth season. Cool and dry rest period. This orchid is best mounted due to its growth habbit
Andry Harmony Den. aphyllum Grown naturally on Cupressus semperrvirens
Corinne Wieland Den. pierardii
Diane Owens Den. aphyllum
Günther Eilers Den. aphyllum
Jefferson Lenzi Den. aphyllum
Mo Chen Den. aphyllum Mounted. Direct sun√ Full sun√ Half sun√
Pradyumna Gogte Den. aphyllum Mounted on a big log. Also in baskets. In full sun.
Robert H. Findlay Den. aphyllum
Shawn Dvorak Den. aphyllum
Terry Moore Den. aphyllum dry cool winter in high light
Tom Kuligowski Den. pierardii
Vanessa Monteiro Den. aphyllum