Den. chrysotoxum in Cultivation by Members

Found 10 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Alicia Jones Den. chrysotoxum
Andrew Chan Den. chrysotoxum var. suavissimum An easy Dendrobium from the Callista section. The suavissimum variety has darker color lips. Warm and wet growth cycle follow by a cool and dry rest cycle. During growth season this orchid likes very bright light. I grow it next to my Cattleyas. If too much water in the rest season, thi... Read more
Ashley Simon Den. chrysotoxum Have never bloomed it, but is doing much better this last year with more light. Potted in Leca. Self watering in summer.
Eduardo Aguilera Den. chrysotoxum
Michael hwang Den. chrysotoxum Yellow Dendrobium species that belongs to the Section Densiflora. It is a hot to cool grower. Like most spring blooming dendrobiums, this species requires a hard dry winter rest from December to March.
Stefan Neher Den. chrysotoxum var. suavissim
Terence Kew Den. chrysotoxum
Tom Kuligowski Den. chrysotoxum
Tom Kuligowski Den. chrysotoxum
Vanessa Monteiro Den. chrysotoxum