Den. faciferum in Cultivation by Members

Found 8 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Frances LaVigne Den. faciferum
Jeanne Uzar Hudson Den. faciferum
Melvin Waki Den. faciferum Very eye-catching bright orange flowers. The plant is very compact. The tallest stalk is 18 inches tall. This plant consistently blooms every year. Most of the flowers bloom on the old stalks. The plant is growing in a 6-inch plastic basket and is grown outside under 60 percent shade cloth. I grew ... Read more
Melvin Waki Den. faciferum This is a very attractive and eye catching plant when in full bloom. The small orange flowers form clusters that traverse the old canes. This is one plant that you do not cut off the old canes. ... Read more The plant is growing in a 6-inch plastic basket that is hung in the open under 60% shade cloth. The plant is watered 2-3 times per week and fertilized weekly with Michigan State University formula... Read more
Quinlan Cijntje Den. faciferum Medium: bark, charcoal, perlite and coco fiber Water: 3× per week Fertilize: 1× per week
Tanya Lam Den. faciferum
Terry Moore Den. faciferum
William Gorski Den. faciferum Mounted on tree fern bark