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Found 5 plants.
Member Orchid Name Culture
Andry Harmony 3d9b3313 01be 4002 8f45 293923cf3342 Mcv. Frances Fox Naturally grown on Cupressus sempervirens
Gilda Gómez Mcv. Frances Fox In 6” hanging basket, light pine bark mix with mostly leyca and charcoal for drainage. Zone 9b
Quinlan Cijntje Mcv. Frances Fox medium: bark, coconut fiber, charcoal and leca water: 3x per week fertilize: 1x per week light: bright (sometimes direct)
Anis Baig 10628434 950603064970454 4410702641931546201 n Mcv. Frances Fox Grown in hanging clay pot with coal, hydro-ton and washed gravel under 40% shade cloth.
Laura Rethers Recc. Frances Fox