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Rlc. Volcano Spring

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Grower is Carlos Ayala

Located in Evans, Georgia, United States

(Sayoko Yamato x Susan Holguin)
Culture: I grow this Orchid outside in when intermediate to warm temperatures occur. It lives under a carpe myrtle tree in a clay pot with bark, charcoal, and perlite. It receives open morning light, dapple shading near noon, shaded in noon to late afternoon, and dapple light till sunset. It remains out through summer until the end of fall when it gets brought in to be over wintered. Winter is a resting period that it will receive little water until the approach of spring. Light is supplemented by lights where the orchid will receive until spring arrives. Once spring arrives any pseudobulbs with sheaths will start to push buds. Flowers bloom at the end of April or start of May. They last for about 4 weeks and have a fragrance. The front end of the fragrance is cedar wood chips and then moves to a honeysuckle fragrance. Grow season starts at the start of summer any growths from last season will start to develop roots and start to push new growth. These you'll water a lot when the heat of summer starts. Fertilize once a week. Summer showers start and I'll only water if no rain came and will water at the start of early evening. I reduce watering and feed around late fall. Orchid will shut down for the winter months. Then the cycle continues.

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