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Oncsa. Gower Ramsey var. Tow

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Grower is Carmen Bou-Crick

Located in Miami, FL, United States

(Goldiana x Guinea Gold)
Description: Oncidesa/Oncidium Gower Ramsey is an orchid hybrid originated by Koh Keng Hoe in 1977. It is a cross of Oncsa. Goldiana x Oncsa. Guinea Gold. Very easy to grow, this classic “dancing ladies” oncidium hybrid blooms in fall with sprays of vivid yellow flowers that last a month or more. Plants are relatively compact. Nice house plant, suitable for beginning orchid growers.
Culture: Sun requirements: Partial Shade to Full Shade. Flower Time: Late winter or early spring. Resistances: Humidity tolerant. Containers: Needs excellent drainage in pots.

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