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Cstm. Edgardo A. Pauneto 'Dark Stripes' female bloom

Cstm. Edgardo A. Pauneto 'Dark Stripes' male bloom
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  1. David Nickerson
    3 months ago
    Got this plant as a division from Fred Clarke in 2018 and it has performed exceptionally well for me. Thank you Fred.

Ctsm. Edgardo A. Pauneto 'Dark Stripes'

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Grower is David Nickerson

Located in Stuart, Florida, United States

(Frilly Doris x lucis)
(Catasetum Frilly Doris X Catasetum lucis)
Dark Stripes
Sunset Valley Orchids
Description: Fast growing large plant with multiple spikes of green blooms with dark brown markings. Can produce multiple spikes of male or female blooms. Produces 2-4 new growths annually. Blooms early to mid summer.
Culture: Grown outside in 6" clay pot with sphagnum and watered at least once per week year round. When grown in 6-8000 fc, I got male blooms but moved to 10-11000 fc this year and got 9 spikes (5 male & 4 female) with up to 14 & 5 blooms per spike, respectively. Water and fertilize heavily (1 tbsp/gal) during growth but withhold fertilizer during winter dormancy. Intermix sphagnum and osmocote when repotting.

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