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  1. Melvin Waki
    6 days ago
    Yes. I agree with Jacques. It appears to be a Laeliocatanthe Newberry Lava Burst.
  2. Jacques A. Goujaud
    7 days ago
    Sorry, courtesy translation : Agree with Sharie & Mel. This is not the morphology of a Hwra pole. It looks more like Laeliocatanthe Newberry Lava Burst.
  3. Jacques A. Goujaud
    7 days ago
    D'accord avec Sharie et Mel. Ce n'est pas la morphologie d'une hampe d'Hwra. Elle ressemble plutot a Laeliocatanthe Lava Burst. (see this pict on : )
  4. Melvin Waki
    21 days ago
    Agree with Sharie. The plant is mislabeled.
  5. Sharie Heckaman
    23 days ago
    This can't possibly be Hwra. Lava Burst.

Hwra. Lava Burst

This plant is matched to the orchid database

Grower is Jeanne M Uzar

Located in Citrus Heights, California, United States

(Mini-Primi x lanceolata)

This plant record is available for viewing by Public.

Plant record added about 1 year ago.

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