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More Photos of plant B. nodosa ''H&R' 4N x 'Mas Mejor'':

Fourth flower starting to open on the first inflorescence.
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  1. Carol Holdren
    about 7 hours ago
    Let me also mention that Roy from H&R has a miniature nodosa. I have the clone “Minnie Mouse” which is fun and I have one of Roy’s but that hasn’t bloomed yet. I’ll post a photo when it does.
  2. Carol Holdren
    about 7 hours ago
    Hello! I volunteered for Cal Orchids when she did the Ft. Lauderdale Orchid Show and Lauris had this plant so I bought one. Lauris told me the story that Robert relates below but since the hybrid “Ridiculous” has been taken off the hybrid list. It is a superior nodosa - great conversation.
  3. John Small
    14 days ago
    I have just been advised that, since this is listed on the label as B. nodosa (H&R 4N x 'Mas Mejor'), it now is identified as B. nodosa H&R 4N x B. grandiflora 'Mas Mejor', or B. Rediculous.
    1. Robert H. Findlay
      11 days ago
      Thanks for this post. I have two B. nodosa that include 'Mas Mejor' in the parentage, both were 'bag orchids' from Better-Gro. I take it from your post that B. nodosa 'Mas Mejor' was incorrectly named (identified) and that mistake has been corrected? Thanks.
      1. John Small
        4 days ago
        I received this from a contact at Sun Bulb, who spoke with their head grower, Robert Palmer. There is a lot of controversy about the classification of B nodosa. Some people do not agree with the taxonomist about the different leaf types ( long and flat verses short and semi terete.) If you agree that ' Mas Mejor ' is a grandiflora type then the name is Rediculous for the grex. The breeder in this case ( Roy Tokunaga) chooses to stay with the older classification. I also bought mine from Sun Bulb and purchased a B. nodosa 'Remar' x 'Mas Mejor' from Quest Orchids in Miami. I get the impression that you can choose whichever you want. I know there are growers who still call the purpuratas Laelias, not Cattleyas. Hope this helps. John Small
        1. Robert H. Findlay
          3 days ago
          Yes. Seems one of those splitters vs. lumpers controversies. For showing and judging purposes, it matters what Kew says (as AOS takes their cues from them), other than that, as you say, we can choose. I read on line somewhere that an AOS accredited judge showed what he thought was a sib cross between a nodosa and a nodosa var. grandiflora and was told that his plant was now an unnamed primary hybrid and he choose "Rediculous" for the grex (a bit of a political statement?).
          1. John Small
            3 days ago
            Kind of thought that might be the case. I had asked my contact at Sun Bulb if the 'Rediculous' name was a social commentary. Never heard back. Probably didn't want to get too involved. I wanted to remake my cross of B. nodosa x Blc. Mem. Crispin Rosales 'Victory'. To create a remake, I have to use a nodosa that doesn't have any 'Mas Mejor' in the name. Otherwise, it becomes a new hybrid of Rediculous x Crispin Rosales. Sometimes I think the taxonomists do things like this to justify their existence. Oh, well. Orchidists have survived worse, I'm sure. stay safe.

B. nodosa ''H&R' 4N x 'Mas Mejor''

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Grower is John Small

Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, United States

H&R 4N x Mas Mejor
'H&R' 4N x 'Mas Mejor'
Sun Bulb bag baby
Description: white flower, green sepals, probably one of the best known species, fragrant at night. I have been told there are some who believe that 'Mas Major' is not B. nodosa, but is B. grandiflora.
Culture: Growing in a six inch wooden basket with broken clay pots, charcoal and some fir bark. Four or more flower spikes.

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