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More Photos of plant C. intermedia 'h.f. orlata Crownfox' AM/AOS:

First photo was taken about 8 a.m., while plant was hanging on north facing fence. Second photo was taken about 10 a.m on same fence.

The third flower photo was taken at 6 a.m. it is the same flower, but the changes it has undergone in the first 12 hours or fewer that it has been open are amazing.

This is the third flower to bloom. Notice the spotting that wasn't on the first two flowers.

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C. intermedia 'h.f. orlata Crownfox' AM/AOS

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Grower is John Small

Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, United States

h.f. orlata Crownfox
The Orchid Trail, North Carolina
Culture: Growing in eight inch wooden basket with fir bark and tree fern twigs. Growing indoors in bright east facing window. Four sheaths, one in bloom, one in bud and two more. Flower is four inches from top of dorsal sepal to bottom of lip and petals also are about four inches across.

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