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Onc. Sweet Sugar

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Grower is John Small

Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, United States

(Aloha Iwanaga x varicosa)
Oncsa. Aloha Iwanaga x Gom. varicosa
Sun Bulb-Better Grow
Description: I bought this "Sun Bulb-Better Grow bag baby' at my local Lowe's. There was no name tag in the bag with the plant, but the photo tag attached to the plastic bag stated it was an Oncidium ampliatum. I contacted Sun Bulb and asked them to confirm that it was ampliatum and they responded that they didn't have any ampliatums out for sale at that time and that it had to be Oncidium Sweet Sugar. I have seen Sweet Sugars with no brown or mahogany markings, just bright yellow, and some with the brown markings. I'm going to send the photos to Sun Bulb and find out if they can narrow it down to one or the other. It still is nice for a first bloom seedling, with two inflorescences.
Culture: Net pot with charcoal, fir bark and vermiculite, outdoors with lots of light, but not strong sun light.

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