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Angcm. distichum

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Grower is Laura Urban

Located in Meriden, Connecticut, United States

Description: 2-Rowed Angraecum. It is a miniature to small sized, hot to cool and humid growing epiphyte with leafy stems that form large clumps) solitary flowered inflorescence with a long-lived, small, fragrant flower occuring in the summer on new leaves and most often more than one.
Culture: LIGHT: Bright sunlight and can tolerate direct morning and evening sun. TEMP: 64-75F during the day and 55-618 at night. HUMIDITY: 60-65% (ideally 70-80%). WATER: Plants that grow without a substrate must be watered daily in the morning so that the roots of the orchids can dry out relatively well by evening. REST: Angraecum distichum does not need a period of rest to stimulate flowering.

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