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B. nodosa

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Grower is Laura Urban

Located in Meriden, Connecticut, United States

Description: The Knobby Brassavola, Lady of the Night. Medium sized, hot growing epiphyte or lithophyte, found in low-lying coastal regions, below 500m, as growing on trees in lowland rainforests and mangrove swamps or on rocks and cliffs near the coast. Flowers have citrus fragrance at night and the flowers are close to 4" across and occur in the spring and summer but are possible at any time of the year.
Culture: LIGHT: Level of 25000-35000 lux. When the light intensity is higher, you need to ensure high humidity and significant air movement. TEMP: The average temperature in the summer at 89F, at night 72-74F, with a daily difference of 44F. The average winter temperature is in the day 77-79 F, at night 6 38, the daily difference is 42F. Thermophilic Humidity:

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