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Lcn. Memoria Robert Reinke 'MBF' HCC/AOS

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Grower is Mark Reinke

Located in Walhalla, SC, United States

(Dulatiaca x Easter Morning)
Culture: This is a cross we did a while back between Lnt. Dulatiaca anc Ctt. Easter Morning, so it has 1/4 "Shomburgkia" Laelia undulata, 1/4 Guarianthe aurantiaca, 1/4 Gur. skinneri and the rest is C. Ruth Gee. The photo was its first bloom and this year will be the third bloom, with two very strong spikes. The flowers are glowing violet purple with a satin sheen. Because it turned out so good, I named it after my late father and immediately remade the cross with the original parents, so it will be on the Marble Branch Farms list of plants for sale hopefully later this year or early next. A big, bold plant with exceptionally clean foliage too!

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Plant record added over 8 years ago.

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