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  1. Susan LE
    almost 2 years ago
    Question- what medium would you use to repot one into a basket like this? Would you use medium at all? For instance, I just put my BC Maikai into a basket with nothing at all, and it's doing very well with daily watering and weekly fertilizing.
  2. Samuel Yanos
    over 3 years ago
  3. Carol Holdren
    over 3 years ago
    Amazing - you grow fabulous plants and then take fabulous photos! Great combination of talents.
    1. Melvin Waki
      over 3 years ago
      Thank you for the complimentary comments. Have to give a lot of credit to our fine weather in Hawaii. Most orchids do very well here.

Coel. rochussenii 'Waki' CCM HOS

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Grower is Melvin Waki

Located in Aiea, Hawaii, United States

Description: The plant has 18 pendulously hanging inflorescences with 794 flowers and 60 buds. The longest inflorescence is 32 inches long. The flowers closes (sleeps) at night and opens back up during daylight. This photo was taken in the afternoon. The plant received a Certificate of Cultural Merit from the Honolulu Orchid Society Judges yesterday (November 14, 2018).
Culture: The plant is growing in a 10-inch square wooden basket and hung in the open under 70 percent shade cloth. The plant is watered almost daily and fertilized once per week with Michigan State University formula fertilizer.

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Plant record added over 3 years ago.

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