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More Photos of plant Clty. Ethels Paradise:

Root Porn

Spike 8/5/2023

Root Porn

New Blooms Opening 8/2023

Opening bud 8/2023

5 flower spike 8/2023

Flower Close Up

6 Flower Bloom Pinker than the Feb 2023 bloom but will probably fade to white with pink splashes
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Clty. Ethels Paradise

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Grower is R .Benson

Located in Saint Paul, MN, United States

(Chantilly Lace x Penny Kuroda (Penny Kuroda Gp))
Description: Clear white with three pink streaks like a fairy swiped it with a paintbrush. It has a lovely fragrance when you investigate up close. The plant itself has a pleasing shape. This orchid has all the charms. It is an easy bloomer and pretty vigorous.
Culture: Bloom Feb 2023 Spiking July 2023

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