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More Photos of plant Paph. Fred's Magnificence:

Fred's Magnificence - this poor flower spike has a lot to live up to.

Throwing a spike. It always makes me want to hold my breath.

So primitive looking - lovely.

Blooming again 3 months later Oct.2023

New Spike 12/3/2023 This paphiopedilum blooms multiple times per year. This is the 3rd spike from this orchid this year.

The base of each leaf is shaded a dark maroon color.

Bloom Jan 2024
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Paph. Fred's Magnificence

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Grower is R .Benson

Located in Saint Paul, MN, United States

(Friedrich von Hayek x Superb Fred)
Friedrich von Hayek 'Lehua Quiet Elegance' HOC/AOS x Superb Fred 'Lehua Flying High' HCC/AOS
Lehua 61206
Description: I purchased this orchid from greenhouse clearance rack. The leaves are quite twisted and alien looking. I am not sure what portion of its looks arise from trauma and what portion to ascribe to genetics. In any case, it is a very interesting plant and it is now spiking so I am eagerly awaiting the flower. This plant has flowered 3 times more frequently than my other Paphiopedilums.
Culture: Bloom July 2023 Bloom October 2023

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