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More Photos of plant Paph. Hsinying Majakun:

The exact same flower!! This picture taken 1/9/20, a full 2 weeks before it finally turned brown and got cut off!
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Paph. Hsinying Majakun

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Grower is Sharie Heckaman

Located in Nappanee, IN, United States

(Janet Kunkle x Maudiae)
(Makuli-curtisii) Maudiae x Maudiae 'Napa Valley' X Sib
Anything Orchids (IL)
Description: Purchased just out of bloom 1/27/18
Culture: Potted into Orchid Nerd/Waldor Orchid paph mix 9/18/20. The flowers last FOREVER for me. Last year's flower lasted 4 months!!

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