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More Photos of plant V. Yip Sum Wah 'Flame' FCC/AOS:

This is the correct red color of the flower
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  1. Tien Pham
    almost 4 years ago
    I have one too. Blooming now.
  2. Melvin Waki
    almost 4 years ago
    This is a keeper. You may have the last plant of 'Flame'.

V. Yip Sum Wah 'Flame' FCC/AOS

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Grower is Tanya Lam

Located in San Jose, California, United States

(Pukele x curvifolia)
Vanda Pukele x Vanda (Ascocentrum) curvifolia
Description: Vanda Yip Sum Wah ‘Flame’ FCC/AOS (Vanda Pukele x Vanda curvifolia) was registered in the 60s and got the 179 awards since then. This is a division that received the highest award in 1988. The First Class certificate was given to the exhibitor who was also the registrant of this hybrid, Roy Fukumura of Maui, Hawaii. My plant also has the unusual branches described when the plant received the award. The color on the closed-up photo does not show the true red tone.

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Plant record added almost 4 years ago.

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