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More Photos of plant Bllra. Marfitch var. 'Howard's Dream':

close up of blossoms (blooming upon arrival)

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  1. Taylor Boyle
    almost 5 years ago
    7/26/19 - Newest spike now 12"+ inches, and still growing strongly. Roots are spilling over and potting material feels dense and easily waterlogged. Will have to repot after blooming season. Will research best material in which to repot.

Bllra. Marfitch var. 'Howard's Dream'

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Grower is Taylor Boyle

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, United States

(Charles M. Fitch x Fremar)
'Howard's Dream'
Culture: 3" pot, fir bark? other organic material, blooming size

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Plant record added almost 5 years ago.

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