20190714 143618
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20190714 143618

  1. Taylor Boyle
    8 months ago
    7/31/19 - changed potting medium to clay pellets as discussed. Will continue to monitor its condition.
  2. Taylor Boyle
    8 months ago
    7/27/19 - removed microfiber towels due to feeling that roots weren't drying out as they should. presence of white mold. Just a few days after, bottom three leaves started to yellow. Possible causes are excessive drying/under-watering of roots or possibly caused by the mold itself which has dried and cleared up. Will keep an eye on plant and care for it while it recovers. Will try potting in clay pellets for a couple months to promote new root growth. will add kelpmax.

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V. Pachara Delight var. 'Blue'

Grower is Taylor Boyle

Karulea x Gordon Dillon
Culture: 5" slotted basket, filled with clay pellets with microfiber, dormant/in recovery

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Plant record added 9 months ago.

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