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Eplc. Magic Wand 'Branching'

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Grower is Vickie Seibert

Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States

(Trick or Treat x Kyoguchi)
Lc. Trick or Treat 'SVO' 4n x Epc. Kyoguchi 'Peter's Pick'
Sunset Valley Orchids
Description: This is a great hybrid, and the robust plants grow and bloom well under any conditions. The yellow to gold flowers have red-striped lips, and the inflorescences are branched with many 1.25” blooms. Best of all, these are fragrant - yes, fragrant flowers! This is a great non-traditional hybrid. Flower color ranges from yellow to orange, with red-striped lips. Plants are super easy to grow.
Culture: Kiwi Bark & med. Pearlite

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Plant record added almost 3 years ago.

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