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Phal. Charming Fortune 'Ponkan' AM/AOS

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Grower is Vickie Seibert

Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States

(Salu Peoker x Taisuco Stripe)
Description: Fabulous, new, and unusual color! The pod parent, Phal. Salu Peoker, (a Harlequin type) has many novelty species like leuddemaniana, gigantea, and amboinensis in its background; so the flower substance is excellent with diamond dusted texture, which makes it long lasting. Ponkan is the most widely grown variety of mandarin orange in the world, which exactly describes the color of the flower. Its size is large, 3.5 to 4.7 inch (9 to 12 cm), shape is flat with perfect form.!
Culture: Kiwi Bark in 4 inch plastic pot. Low to Medium light.

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