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Phal. Miki Fly Eagle C1

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Grower is Vickie Seibert

Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States

(Tying Shin Fly Eagle x tetraspis)
(Tying Shin Fly Eagle ' Panda' x tetraspis var Green ' Norman's Jade' AM/AOS )
Description: Phal. tetraspis var. green 'Norman's Jade' AM/AOS is making quite a splash in our breeding program. This extraordinary new hybrid is made with unusual parents. Here, we used the ‘Panda’ clone of the complex red novelty hybrid Phal. Tying Shin Fly Eagle as the pollen parent, and the very rare and exceptionally green form of the species Phal. tetraspis—the awarded clone 'Norman's Jade'. Phal. tetraspis var. green ‘Norman’s Jade’ AM/AOS is a free bloomer, producing good size Fragrant flowers, up to 8 flowers on each tall branching erect inflorescence held well above the foliage. The genetic composition of Phal. Miki Fly Eagle C1 is 75% Phal. tetraspis, 12% Phal. violacea, 9% Phal. venosa, 3% Phal. lueddemanniana, 1% Phal. amboinensis. This makes this Plant a Tetraspis Species!
Culture: Bark mix

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