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12 19 2019 10 25 09 pm

Florida SunCoast Orchids

Myakka City, FL
We specialize in growing Cattleya and Encyclia hybrids and we also grow a large number of Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Vanda and Phalaenopsis orchids. Read More
12 18 2019 2 38 02 pm


Apopka, FL
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Mac's Orchids

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Specializing in Asian Orchid Species and Orchid Landscaping that thrives on neglect here in South Fl. Read More
12 20 2019 9 44 10 pm

Odom's Orchids

Ft. Pierce, FL
With over 90,000 square feet of greenhouses, Odom’s Orchids, Inc. is one of the largest retail growers and shippers of orchids in the United States. Odom’s specializes in Cattleya hybrids and species, but also grow phalaenopsis, lady slippers, and brassias. Odom’s Orchids has one of the largest s... Read More
1 7 2020 5 03 54 pm

Bactra Orchid Benches

Sunrise, FL
Bactra is a company that has been offering its products for the past 25 years. We have manufactured over 6000 units and 1500 of these in the U.S. market, where we expanded to over 6 years ago. Our main mission is to manufacture and design specialty display and exhibition benches for orchid cul... Read More
1 7 2020 11 37 51 pm
Orchid Care! How to care for Orchids! Growing Orchids! Read More