Odom's Orchids (Orchid Vendor)

12 20 2019 9 44 10 pm
1611 S. Jenkins Rd.
Ft. Pierce, FL, 34947
United States
Phone: 772/467-1386 / fax: 772/465-4479
With over 90,000 square feet of greenhouses, Odom’s Orchids, Inc. is one of the largest retail growers and shippers of orchids in the United States. Odom’s specializes in Cattleya hybrids and species, but also grow phalaenopsis, lady slippers, and brassias. Odom’s Orchids has one of the largest selections of high quality cattleya mericlones found anywhere. Odom’s Orchids distinguishes itself with mature, large, well grown, blooming size plants that don’t take years to bloom. They also offer many new and exciting crosses.

Upcoming Shows in Attendance

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Sarasota Orchid Society Show "Orchids in Paradise"

Sarasota, Florida
Saturday, January 4
(lasts 2 days)
11 12 2019 1 35 36 pm

Miami Orchid Society's "Tamiami International Orchid Festival"

Miami, FL
Friday, January 17
(lasts 3 days)
1 8 2020 1 22 35 pm

Venice Area Orchid Society Annual Show & Sale

Venice, FL
Saturday, February 1
(lasts 2 days)
1 8 2020 11 14 59 pm

Naples Orchid Society Show

Naples, FL
Saturday, February 22
(lasts 2 days)
4 7 2019 8 39 42 pm

Redland International Orchid Festival

Homestead, FL
Friday, May 15
(lasts 3 days)

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Upcoming Organization Events

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Past Organization Events

Cattleya Symposium

This is the 9th Annual Cattleya Symposium! A 2-day event, August 2 & 3, 2019 with exceptional guest speakers both days. Check in is on Thursday, August 2nd starting at 5 pm with a pizza party at host hotel. There will be a rare Cattleya auction on Friday night. Lunch is included both days. Saturday at 2:00 will be AOS judging.

Cattleya Symposium

This is the 8th Annual Cattleya Symposium! Two day event August 3rd and 4th, 2018 - with 4 guest speakers each day. Check-in day is Thursday, August 2nd starting at 5:00 pm where we will have a pizza party at Hampton Inn. There will be a rare Cattleya auction on Friday night at the hotel and lunch is included both days at the Indian River Reseach and Education Center.

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