Phal. Valentinii in Cultivation by Members

Found 3 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Terry Moore Phal. Valentinii
Vickie Seibert Phal. Valentinii My Plant has over 10 Spikes! Two new forms of its species parentage were used to create it, with some vivid colors as a result of the ‘Red’ clone of the sumatrana strain of Phal. violacea combined ... Read more AAA Sphagnum Moss
Vickie Seibert Phal. Valentinii This plant is 5 years old, has 12 Spikes 16 flowers & 8 Buds yet to open. A vigorous grower, very heat-tolerant, disease resistant, sequential bloomer, multiple-spike habit, has wonderful fragrance... Read more In AAA Sphagnum.