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Phal. Valentinii

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Grower is Vickie Seibert

Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States

(cornu-cervi x violacea)
(violacea var sumatrana ' Red' x cornu-cervi fma chattaladae ' Montclair' AM/AOS )
Description: My Plant has over 10 Spikes! Two new forms of its species parentage were used to create it, with some vivid colors as a result of the ‘Red’ clone of the sumatrana strain of Phal. violacea combined with the awarded red ‘Montclair’ form of Phal. cornu-cervi fma. chattaladae.This is one of the few Phal. hybrids that can tolerate Cattleya light levels. These plants should be vigorous growers, very heat-tolerant, disease resistant, sequential bloomer, multiple-spike habit, have a wonderful fragrance, and the vivid color of its parentage.
Culture: AAA Sphagnum Moss

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Plant record added about 3 years ago.

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