Bc. Yellow Bird in Cultivation by Members

Found 16 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Carol Holdren Bl. Yellow Bird I put this plant on a bottle palm 4 years ago. It does get fertilized and blooms on each new growth. It’s a great plant for the landscape.
Frances LaVigne Bc. Yellow Bird
G. K. Bc. Yellow Bird
gladys pérez-almiroty Bl. Yellow Bird
Henry Shaw Bc. Yellow Bird
John Small Bc. Yellow Bird Usually yellow nodosa shaped flower with red spotting. However, this morning i came out to find a reddish orange flower alone on one spike and two typical yellow with red spotting flowers on anothe... Read more Net pot with fir bark, charcoal and vermiculite
lindsey paris Bl. Yellow Bird
Mark Stedman Bc. Yellow Bird
Mary Lane Bl. Yellow Bird Lava rock. Kept on lanai, West exposure watered with Cattleyas.
Mo Chen Bc. Yellow Bird
Peter Goodin Bl. Yellow Bird Tree mounted in full sun.
Rebecca Johnson Bl. Yellow Bird
Robert Rand Bl. Yellow Bird Single chrome yellow flower when purchased. First bloom since is multiple flowers but a orangish tint instead of bright yellow. Grown under LED light, 5,000k, 5,000 lumen lamps. Media is medium Orchiata bark with coconut husk chunks, hydroton clay popcorn and sphagnum moss.
Sally Kohnle Bl. Yellow Bird
Tiffany Parisi Bl. Yellow Bird
William Gorski Bl. Yellow Bird New Purchase Bag Baby 1-4-20