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Reddish color has faded to an orange shade.

What started out as pale yellow have darkened.

Still in bloom almost a month later with a yellowish-orange color

Still in bloom 1-23. Holding its color and shape.
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  1. Robert Rand
    over 3 years ago
    Hi, I purchased a Yellow Bird last spring and it was chrome yellow. I started growing 100% under lights and mine bloomed first with the yellow throat/reddish petals. All of the blooms lightened up yet look more like the orangish-yellow shade. It has been two weeks and they haven't gotten any brighter. I thought maybe it was the artificial light. Yours appears to be outside. So now I am thinking something in the water/fertilizer. Still looking for a definitive answer. I want my chrome yellow back!
  2. Robert H. Findlay
    over 3 years ago
    It might fade to yellow - I had one a while back and I remember that color changed after opening to the point of wondering why they named it "yellow" bird

Bc. Yellow Bird

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Grower is John Small

Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, United States

(nodosa x Richard Mueller)
B. nodosa x Bc. Richard Mueller
Sun Bulb bag baby
Description: Usually yellow nodosa shaped flower with red spotting. However, this morning i came out to find a reddish orange flower alone on one spike and two typical yellow with red spotting flowers on another spike. I suspect there have been two separate plants growing together since I bought this plant a couple of years ago. Updated 12-19-2020. Reddish flower has faded to a pale orange, but pale yellow flowers have darkened. Notice the spotting on the darker flower is much heavier than on the other two.
Culture: Net pot with fir bark, charcoal and vermiculite

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Plant record added over 3 years ago.

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