Den. anosmum in Cultivation by Members

Found 11 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Cody Sachtjen Den. anosmum var. alba rescue
Dean Sampson Den. anosmum
Frances LaVigne Den. anosmum 'Semi Alba'
John Appelbaum Den. anosmum South East Window. moist medium. Winter rest. Seedlings
Rebecca Johnson Den. anosmum var. Nestor - Little Sweet Scent Bright raspberry flowers on the older canes...Pendulous. Loves cold outside in Florida winter. Only bring in below 36 degrees. This species is native to Southeast Asia from the Philippines to Thailand and Vietnam. This plant likes medium to bright light and develops growths over the summer that get pendulous canes. Water ... Read more
Robert H. Findlay Den. anosmum
Tiffany Parisi Den. anosmum
Trisha Chong Den. anosmum
Vanessa Monteiro Den. anosmum muda 2
Vanessa Monteiro Den. anosmum var. coerulea
Vivianne Asselin Den. anosmum var. semi alba 'coerulea'