Den. anosmum var. Nestor - Little Sweet Scent

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Grower is Rebecca Johnson

Located in TAMPA, FL, United States

Den. Nestor x Den. Anosmum
Nestor - Little Sweet Scent
Description: Bright raspberry flowers on the older canes...Pendulous. Loves cold outside in Florida winter. Only bring in below 36 degrees.
Culture: This species is native to Southeast Asia from the Philippines to Thailand and Vietnam. This plant likes medium to bright light and develops growths over the summer that get pendulous canes. Water and feed well between March and mid November. Stop fertilizing in Mid November and only water enough to keep the canes from shriveling. Sometime in the winter flower buds will form along the cane and if the leaves haven't dropped before hand they will shed during flowering. When you see flower spikes emerging keep more moist at the roots to prevent bud blast. The flowers last about a month and smell like raspberries and cream. This type of Dendrobium drops its leaves just before coming into flower season. Once the plant is done flowering new growths will emerge from the base of the plant

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