Den. unicum in Cultivation by Members

Found 7 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Chase Hubbard Den. unicum seedling in tree fern.
Jeanne Uzar Hudson Den. unicum
Jeanne Uzar Hudson Den. unicum
Mary Lane Den. unicum DESCRIPTION: A nice miniature plant that likes to be wood mounted and needs warm conditions through the summer growth season but cool to warm and drier in the winter and spring and has clustered, s... Read more Mounted on wood. Hangs in west facing window
Nate La Breche Den. unicum 'Giant Horn' Tall, slender canes. Deciduous. Easygoing. Not fragrant as far as I can tell. Growing in Rand's Aircone Pot with sphagnum moss.
Stefan Neher Den. unicum
Tom Kuligowski Den. unicum