Blc. Booth Lee in Cultivation by Members

Found 7 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Frances LaVigne Blc. Booth Lee 'Venice'
Jean H Phillips Blc. Booth Lee
John Small Bct. Booth Lee 'Venice' Bag Baby purchased at Lowes 6-2020 Growing in original pot. Will repot in Spring into net pot with mix of charcoal, fir bark and vermiculite. Grown outdoors under 50% shade cloth in full sun until about 2 p.m. Some new leads and som... Read more
Leah Solliday Bct. Booth Lee 'Venice'
Mark Stedman Bct. Booth Lee 'Venice'
Mark Stedman Bct. Booth Lee 'Venice' Terracotta pot
William Gorski Blc. Booth Lee 'Venice' Bag baby purch'd. 5-20-20 First bloom 1-3-21