Lc. Fire Dance in Cultivation by Members

Found 7 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Carol Holdren Ctt. Fire Dance
Henry Shaw Lc. Fire Dance 'Patricia' Coarse bark
Mary Lane Ctt. Fire Dance var. Patricia
Robert H. Findlay Ctt. Fire Dance 'Patricia'
Robert Rand Ctt. Fire Dance 'Patricia' Grown indoors under LED light, 5,000k, 6,000-8,000 lumens. Media is medium Orchiata bark with coconut husk chunks, hydroton clay popcorn and a little sphagnum moss. Humidity is maintained at 50-60%... Read more
Tom Kuligowski Lc. Fire Dance
William Gorski Lc. Fire Dance 'Patricia' full sun course mix on screened lanai