Phcal. Kryptonite in Cultivation by Members

Found 8 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Annette Seling Phcal. Kryptonite 'Parkside'
Anthony Springate Jr. Phcal. Kryptonite 'Parkside'
Colin Campbell Phcal. Kryptonite 'Parkside' Kryptonite flowers reliably during our winter months. Its flowers are beautiful. Unfortunately, however, it is a deciduous orchid, whose leaves can be rather tatty and unsightly when the flowers ar... Read more Kryptonite is growing on a sunny northeast-facing verandah. It is potted in a cymbidium-mix and kept very moist, the bottom of the pot standing in a few millimetres of water.
Jeanne Uzar Hudson Phcal. Kryptonite
Jeanne Uzar Hudson Phcal. Kryptonite 'Parkside'
Mary Lane Phcal. Kryptonite 'Chariots of Fire' Soil and sand, terrestrial. Sits on a dish with pebbles and water, Lanai. Light shade in dry season. Deciduous.
Phillip Ting Phcal. Kryptonite 'Parkside'
Vickie Seibert Phcal. Kryptonite 'Parkside' Came in bloom! Pic to follow. Came in Bark